Residents commend involvement in Grove to Timehri Project

Persons turned out in their numbers at the St Mary’s Primary School on Thursday to voice their concerns regarding the Grove to Timehri Infrastructure Development Project.

Jason Bhaskaran, JSB Investments

The final leg of the three-day public consultation featured presentations from the Environmental Resource Management (ERM) and the Public Works Ministry.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with several residents who commended the consultation process.

David Anthony Lunk, Soesdyke Local Authority

One such resident was David Anthony Lunk, who said that the consultation addressed many of his concerns.

Lunk said,” I think that the consultation process was very exciting because the public was informed about so many things. We had some time to think about it through flyers and presentations, and we were able to be informed by the environmental impact assessment.”

Leslie Sobers, Justice of the Peace

Meanwhile, Leslie Sobers, who expressed concerns regarding fumes and noise pollution, stated that the consultation has assured him that these concerns have not fallen on deaf ears.

“I’m enthralled that this consultation has taken place. I believe it was a step in the right direction,” he said.

Another resident, Jason Bhaskaran represented JSB Investments, a trucking company within the community. He divulged that the project would be beneficial to the business.

He said, “we are very much appreciative of the time that the government has taken to have all the residents and stakeholders in the community involved in this process. We very much welcome this development and it will have a tremendous impact positively. We’re very grateful for the time taken for us to share our thoughts and how it will affect us.”

Socio-environmental Officer of the Public Works Ministry, Jamal Blair, also gave an overview of the consultation process.

 “The consultations were very informative. They were very interactive as well. Persons came out in their numbers, and they voiced their concerns, which will not go on deaf ears. We took the initiative to note these concerns so we will incorporate them into our plans for the development of this roadway.”

The Grove to Timehri Infrastructure Development Project entails road improvements within the existing Right of Way (ROW) on 23.5 kilometres of the East Bank Demerara public road from Grove to Timehri. The project is set to commence in 2023 and is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Persons can also access information relating to the project on the Public Works Ministry’s website, as well as the IDB’s website.

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