Improved roads leading to schools in Port Kaituma, Region One

The government has made good on its commitment to rehabilitate the roads leading to the Port Kaituma Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

The thoroughfare will be rehabilitated before the new school year.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill with teachers of Port Kaituma Nursery School

The road works are a prompt response by the PPP/C Administration to the cries and concerns raised by parents and guardians, who have children attending the schools back in March.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill recently returned to Port Kaituma to directly deliver the good news to residents at the region’s community centre.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill interacting with students of Port Kaituma Secondary School, Region One

“This is an example of how the PPP/C works, it didn’t take a whole year.  In a matter of months, we sat, we listened, we put the process of procurement in place and I come back to tell you the contract has been signed [and] who’s the contractor,”Minister Edghill said.

Road works will be executed by United Contracting and Supplies to the tune of $96 million.

Children of Port Kaituma Primary School, Region One

The road will be rehabilitated in rigid pavement concrete spanning from the main access road to the three schools.

Minister Edghill said that the “suffering of our children and parents to get to school and get their children to school must come to an end.”

Ongoing road works in the region

This is part of the PPP/C Administration’s manifesto commitment to modernise and support a flourishing economy through infrastructural development while enabling hinterland students to benefit from improved access to education.

Meanwhile, the government is committed to upgrading 2,000 kilometres of hinterland roads.  

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