UNICEF commends govt’s efforts to curb COVID-19

420 vaccine carriers donated to health ministry

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) area representative to Guyana and Suriname,  Nicholas Pron has lauded the government’s efforts to minimise the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana.

He made the remark Friday during a simple ceremony, where 420 vaccine carriers were donated to the Ministry of Health.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony is flanked by UNICEF area representative to Guyana and Suriname, Nicholas Pron (right), and UNICEF Deputy Representative to Guyana and Suriname, Irfan Akhtar (left)

“The pandemic is under control, thanks to the wonderful efforts deployed by the Ministry of Health and the government. But it is still there, still very much with us and we cannot be complacent. We cannot let our guards down and it is essential to reach everyone, especially in the most remote parts of the country,”he said.

Pron emphasised the importance of ensuring every person is vaccinated and noted that UNICEF is committed to strengthening its partnership with Guyana and making collaborative efforts to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, expressed gratitude to UNICEF and emphasised the importance of the vaccine carriers in strengthening the cold chain.

“These containers are a very important component of the cold chain. If we don’t keep the vaccines at a certain temperature, those vaccines would be spoiled. We wouldn’t be able to use them. So, it is absolutely necessary for us to keep it at the appropriate temperature, and depending on which vaccine we are working with, the temperature varies.”

The vaccine carriers will help to strengthen the cold chain

Minister Anthony also commended the organisation’s generosity, noting that it plays a pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19.

UNICEF Deputy Representative to Guyana and Suriname, Irfan Akhtar, and Maternal and Child Health Officer of the Ministry of Health, Dr Oneka Scott were also in attendance.

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