Windstorm-affected Bare Root, Dazzell families commend Govt’s support

Families of Bare Root and Dazzell Housing Scheme on the East Coast of Demerara who were affected by a windstorm on Monday have commended the government for its timely support.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) on Wednesday, delivered relief following the results of an assessment of the situation in the villages. The assessment found that families needed building materials since some houses were completely damaged, while the roofs of several homes were removed.

CDC’s Director General, Col Nazrul Hussain, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony and windstorm victim, Rawle Lyght

Families received hampers containing essential food items and cleaning supplies and building materials.

Rawle Lyght, a resident, detailed the traumatic experience and loss he and his household of three suffered. 

“Seeing it is real. It was like happening for the first time, it’s real, it just left me traumatised. Wow, what a loss only just finished painting February, for Christmas I de just paint the front but after the holiday I tried to paint all and just a sudden after all these years of work and dedication, what a loss didn’t expect this storm”, Lyght said.

Joann Yarde, victim of windstorm

He extended gratitude to the government for the help to restore his home.

“I understand the situation and whatever best they can do to let me get back on my feet and live a normal life will be great.”

A devasted Joann Yarde recounted that during the storm she and her family were scared as the roof came crashing down.

Yarde related that her living condition is quite uncomfortable, so she is grateful for the assistance of the government.

“I am happy, I am really happy that we get some assistance because if we had to do it on, we own I don’t know when we woulda do it. So, we are happy.”

Another victim, Nivell Hall who lives with his pregnant wife and toddler lost his entire home. Hall said, I left surprised that the whole entire house fall down not even some left up just the flooring left, I just left so frustrated I didn’t know what to do after. So, I feel very appreciated to see that I getting these kinda help you know, very appreciated and excited too.”

Nivell Hall, a victim of the windstorm

The Ministry of Housing and Water has dispatched a team of engineers to conduct further assessment to provide further support to the affected families.

Persons who would’ve received injuries from the incident will also receive medical aid, through the health ministry.

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