Skilled Guyanese now being offered PLAR certification

Skilled Guyanese working in the technical field without any certification now have the opportunity to gain accreditation with the launch of the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) programme.

The programme launched by the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) will be certified through the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) or the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) with evidence of prior competence.

Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton

It will also enable persons to qualify for a promotion or gain employment in existing and new jobs being made available in a growing Guyana.

The launch was hosted at the Herdmanston Lodge, Georgetown on Monday.

Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton said the programme is a representation of a commitment fulfilled by the government to deliver quality education for the improved livelihood of Guyanese.

“I am delighted because the launching today speaks of your government’s commitment to action and the promises, we made in our manifesto in 2020. We promise to work towards the development of a Guyanese society which is free, prosperous socially just, globally competitive and which serves every Guyanese equitably.

“We said that every Guyanese must have a chance to a good education, access to good paying jobs, be able to start their own businesses, raise and provide for their family, own their own homes, live in a safe and secure environment and retire with dignity. We promise to deliver quality education for all to improve access to education at every level, and enhance opportunities in technical vocational education.”

PLAR is mainly a mechanism to provide instant certification so persons do not have to go through the process of registering for training, once skilled.

The programme has four components which include the process and practices of prior learning assessment and recognition.

The programme will span one week and will see some 25 persons being certified in its first batch.

Director of CTVET, Patrick Onwuzirike

Director of CTVET, Patrick Onwuzirike said the newly launched initiative is groundbreaking and will significantly add to the country’s labour force.

“This occasion might be simple but its effects are going to change the course of the labour force development in Guyana and the human capital development. We must have a workforce that is highly skilled and highly waged,” he said.

Meanwhile, an investigation was done to determine why PLAR is not being widely implemented and accessed.  In addition, the investigation will determine the current construct and engagement of the programme implemented by government Technical and Vocational and Education Training (TVET) agencies in the country.

It will also inspect the benefits that will be acquired by stakeholders and create room for recommendations to improve the execution process. The discovery made from the investigation will be publicised in December.

Attendees of the launch

Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), Richard Maughn, Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson, Chairman of CTVET, Floyd Scott, and TVET Officer David Glasgow were also present.

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