Airy Hall, Mashabo, Bethany residents benefitting from TVET training

Sixty- two persons from Airy Hall and the Amerindian Villages of Mashabo and Bethany in Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam) will benefit from the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) technical training courses for self and community development.

Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton who spearheaded an outreach to the region, on Saturday noted that the training will transform the lives of the participants.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton during his outreach to Region Two

The training is part of the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to upskill Guyanese in preparation for the upcoming job opportunities in the country.

Participants will receive training in Fitting and Machining, Welding and Fabrication and Heavy-duty Mechanics. The four-month training programmes were tailored specifically to the demographic of the areas.

The minister has also committed to providing free transportation, for persons residing in farflung communities.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with some of the beneficiaries.

Nineteen-year-old, Colwyn Smith said, “It gon help me a lot to be somebody important in the community and in life. It helping we a lot, not me alone but my fellow trainees that they could come and get full access to the training programme.”

Mervin Carveio said being a mechanic has always been his dream and now he is able to achieve a certificate in the field.

“I like mechanic work so I said I get an opportunity to at least learn something more better. You never know more time you could open your own mechanic shop or something,” he related.

Another participant, Dave Rajkumar said, “Well, I am hoping to get a permanent job and achieve certain things in life that I haven’t achieved as yet. So, I can train others and to be a role model in society. I believe the government has an interest in our youths and the development of the country so I am very happy for a programme like this throughout the country.”

Karesia Steven, the only female in the programme expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive training.

“I am very proud of myself to be the only female; I use to attend the Essequibo Technical Institute and I went there to do the welding programme but I haven’t had the chance to do it so I am so glad now I get that opportunity to do it,” she expressed.

Meanwhile, Mashabo’s Toshao Arifa Shabir noted, “For me this training is very important and I am happy for this training because in our community this is something that is needed and I am happy that these three young men are willing and ready to work.”

Shabir believes the training will create opportunities for employment which will aid in reducing financial difficulties.

“These things help young people especially young men instead of going into somebody house and take something they have a certificate they could work and earn something for themselves so the government is doing a great job for the youths and I am thankful for it.”

Toshao of Bethany village and Vice Chairperson of the National Toshaos’ Council (NTC), Sonia Latchman said the programme is inclusive, which shows the government’s efforts to offer equal services and opportunities to all.

She noted,I am very happy and it shows that our government is inclusive because they would’ve included not only the coastlanders, but also the indigenous youths not only from Bethany, but I am glad they would’ve chosen youths from Mashabo as well. It shows that our government is very inclusive and I am happy and it is not only transforming our youths’ lives but it is transforming our villages as a whole.”

All the training programmes have a practical component, which caters to community development. Persons will be issued with accredited certificates at the end of the programmes.

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