Ministry of Amerindian Affairs statement on Amerindian Heritage Pageant 2022

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs wishes to extend gratitude to the Regional Democratic Councils, Villages Councils and the general public for attending and supporting the Miss Amerindian Heritage Pageant 2022.

Most of all the Ministry wishes to extend greatest gratitude and recognizes the hard work, professionalism and dedication displayed by each delegate who participated in the Pageant.

This Pageant continues to serve as a platform for empowerment of young Amerindian women across the length and breadth of Guyana. The Ministry applauds the ten talented and brilliant young women who gave us an amazing show as we continue our Heritage Month festivities.

The final scores were tabulated based on a compound scoring system. This included tabulating the total scores for the six (6) segments plus the final question.

The Ministry understands that the judges’ decisions are final, however we wish to point out that the Judges’ score sheets were tabulated incorrectly by the Tally Clerk which resulted in erroneous figures which has affected the outcome of the announced results of the Amerindian Heritage Pageant 2022.

Last evening it was announced that Miss Region 5 emerged as the new Heritage Queen while Region 7 placed first runner-up; Region 4 placed second runner-up; Region 6 placed third runner-up; and Region 8 placed fourth runner-up.

In fairness to the delegates, a thorough and accurate investigation auditing the judges’ scoresheets was conducted.

The accurate findings are set out below:

Region 7 – 768 – Queen – Miss Amerindian Heritage 2022

Region 4 – 736 – 1st Runner Up

Region 8 – 672 – 2nd Runner Up

Region 5 – 626.5 – 3rd Runner Up

Region 6 – 626.5 – 3rd Runner Up

As such, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs formally notifies the public that the Heritage Queen 2022 is Ms. Kristie Emma Rambharat who secured a total of 768 points. This was based on the compound scoring system that was implemented so as not to undermine any efforts of the delegates in every segment.

The Ministry wishes to invite the public and supporters of the Miss Amerindian Heritage Pageant to a prize-giving ceremony on Monday September 19, 2022 to honor the winners.

In the circumstances, the Ministry urges the public to display kind candor to each delegate and maintain respect and courtesy to the delegates and the entire production of the Miss Amerindian Heritage Pageant.

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