$640M No. 58 farm-to-market road almost complete

a boost in agriculture expected

The $640 million all-weather farm-to-market road at No. 58 Village, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) is nearing completion.

The new road measures 6.7 kilometres long and is 20 feet wide. It is being executed by Guy-America Construction Inc under the Public Works Ministry and will provide farmers in the region with better access to their farmlands.

Ongoing works on the No.58 Village farm to market road

It will add to the already completed No.52 Village farm-to-market all-weather road.

Combined, the two roads will open up 50,000 acres of prime farmlands, which will present major opportunities in the agriculture sector for farmers in the region.

An all-weather road means farmers will spend less money on the wear and tear of their vehicles when transporting their produce. It will also significantly reduce the time they would take to get to and from their farmlands.

Works on the farm-to-market road are two-fold and are a fulfilment of a commitment by the government to Guyanese. The first is building transformative infrastructure and the second, ensuring there is continued investment in the country’s non-oil sector.

Ongoing works on the No.58 Village farm to market road

The government has invested heavily in agriculture since taking office, as it aims to make Guyana the bread basket of the Caribbean.

Guyana is leading the way in CARICOM as it relates to boosting agriculture in the Caribbean. The aim is to reduce CARICOM’s food import bill by 25 per cent by 2025.

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