Labour minister, Venezuelan Ambassador discuss integration of immigrants

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton and Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Guyana, Carlos Amador Perez Silva, on Tuesday discussed ways of properly integrating Venezuelan immigrants into the Guyanese society.

This follows a courtesy call on the minister by the ambassador at the Labour ministry.

“As you know, there is plenty of Venezuelans here, immigrants and the idea is to work together with the Ministry of Labour in order to regularise the status of these people, and let them have access to work legally in Guyana,” the ambassador said in a comment after the meeting.

Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Guyana, Carlos Amador Perez Silva greeting Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton

The new diplomat related that, as mandatory, he has been paying courtesy calls on members of the Government of Guyana for five months.

He stated that overall, it is an honour to serve within Guyana and see firsthand the development taking place.

“I feel happy for the Guyanese people, and my intention is to work very closely as much as we can with the government of Guyana, and to advance in the bilateral cooperation and solid relations we have enjoyed for many years.”

Silva had previously served for three years as First Secretary to Guyana.

“Those years were wonderful years—but imagine, after 22 years ago, when I received the notification that I’m going to be the new ambassador, it’s difficult to describe the feelings…. I got flashbacks. Memories came back, and I said wow, I’m going back to Guyana, but now as an ambassador. So, it’s a big responsibility,” he said.

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