Guyana Tourism Authority Celebrates World Tourism Day Countrywide

In an effort to ramp up its awareness initiatives for World Tourism Day (September 27), the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) strategically engaged all tourism associations, committees and other key sector players to develop activities that placed emphasis on this year’s theme – Rethinking Tourism.

One of the priority areas of focus for the GTA in 2022 is to successfully launch 12 new tourism experiences in collaboration with the tourism private sector and tourism-focused communities. This move forms the basis of the GTA expanding its reach and diversifying the country’s tourism product offerings.

As such, four (4) new tourism experiences were launched in recognition of World Tourism Day. Through Touring Guyana, the Mangrove Heritage Tour and the New Amsterdam Heritage Trail Tour will certainly attract history lovers who are seeking to incorporate softer adventure experiences into their itineraries. Azure Experiences on the other hand, through their new offerings – The Kopinang Waterfall Tour and the Yoga Breakfast & Nature Walk Tour adds a unique twist to adventure-based experiences.

Earlier in September, the GTA launched the Bush Cow Eco Trails Experience in Nappi Village, Region 9 and the Quarrie Waterfall Tour, Region 9. This brings us to a total of six (6) new experiences launched thus far in 2022.

For more information on these and other product development initiatives, reach out to the Product Development team on 219-0055 or send an email to

As the GTA embarks on enhancing key sites around the country, a mural was unveiled at the Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal. This mural aims to provide a calming, welcoming atmosphere to persons who will be entering Guyana at this port of entry.

This initiative ties into the GTA’s inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach to tourism development. Local artist, Colin Nedd produced this phenomenal body of work!

Additionally, the Director of the GTA, Kamrul Baksh in collaboration with the Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall as well as the Bartica Tourism Committee officially launched the Baracara Falls tourism enhancement initiative.

A number of garbage disposal items and posters highlighting the top 9 ‘Safe and Clean Tips for Tourist Sites’ were donated to the team by the GTA in addition to a “Litter Free” zone notice which has been erected at the site. The team also took part in a clean-up session.

The GTA is committed to providing the necessary support to all of our tourism destinations to ensure that they provide the highest quality of service to visitors. After all, protecting our environment starts with respecting our environment.

● Region 1: The Imbotero Research Centre Documentary premiered at MovieTowne.
This was a collaboration with the Guyana Marine Conservation Society
● Region 2: A Mini Tourism Fair & Expo was held in Anna Regina, showcasing small
businesses and their products
● Region 3: A Tri Island Hopping Tour with Trail Masters Adventure Tours was
promoted. The islands are Wakenaam, Leguan and Hogg Island
● Region 5: A Tourism Destination Feature Video was promoted by the Region 5
Tourism Committee in Mahaicony
● Region 9: The Karasabai Conservation Group & South Rupununi Conservation
Society partnered to host the first bird fair at Manari Ranch
● Region 10: Linden Regatta Camp was hosted by Elite Kayaking

Director of the GTA, Kamrul Baksh, had the following to say on the occasion of World Tourism Day, 2022:

“As Guyana celebrates together with the rest of the world, World Tourism Day, it is important to reflect on the challenges that the tourism sector endured particularly in the last two years.

The sector showed resilience at its most difficult moment and has since rebounded with amazing pace and the results prove that the recovery road is well underway.

However, as the sector emerges into a new light, new challenges lie ahead. Travellers have become more discerning, expecting a higher level of service, safety, quality tourism offerings and an overall good experience.

Guyana has embarked on a pathway to create new tours and packages for all the right types of travellers. Crucially, the efforts to integrate the Caribbean Region will allow Guyana to tap into new markets, as opposed to focusing on saturated ones. This diverse product portfolio will allow us to cater to the international and business markets but also the diaspora and domestic markets.

The digital expansion strategy will address the footprint issues and access to services. More seamless transactions translate into higher visitor satisfaction and that is a top priority for the sector.

Importantly, Rethinking Tourism involves strengthening partnerships with all sector actors that will result in sustainable development.

A stronger unit will reflect a positive image for Destination Guyana on the global stage. The future of tourism development and management in Guyana is exciting yet challenging.
Let’s acknowledge that together.”

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