Govt building out competitive economy for 2030 and beyond – President Ali

Says Regions 5, 6 well positioned to become the centrepiece for growth and development

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that the aspirations of the people must be embodied in the innovative direction of the Government.

He said that when this “dynamic blend” is achieved, then the transformational objectives of the country can be realised.

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali

During the feature address at the opening of the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair 2022 on Friday evening at the Albion Sports Complex, the President outlined a number of initiatives on the cards for the region to further catalyse growth and development.

These included the consideration of a new, more modern bridge across the Berbice River and the creation of a stadium at Palmyra.

He said that his administration is moving ahead with establishing an oil refinery in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and will soon be inviting potential investors to submit their proposals for the construction of the 30,000-barrel facility.

The Government, he reiterated, is working on a series of initiatives at the national level that will lead to the transition and the transformation of the country and its economy.


“We are putting the investments in the infrastructure, the human resources, the institutional capacity and the building out of the right adaptable technology that will situate our economy on a platform to perform in a world 2030 and beyond.”

President Ali assured that the structure, dynamism and diversity of the economy that his administration is building will be “so integrated and multi-dimensional, that we will be able to compete among the best economies in the world in every area of structural development that we are pursuing”.

He stated that while his Government is pursuing long-term initiatives, they will focus on building programmes that will deliver short-term results as the country transitions to perennial economic growth and prosperity.


Dr Ali listed several pillars upon which the country’s transformation will be built, including healthcare and education systems to satisfy the locals and attract Guyanese in the diaspora, an improved ICT sector and by positioning Guyana to become a global leader in food security and energy development.

“We are not pursuing a one-sided growth approach, but a multi-dimensional approach.”

He added that his administration is also seeking to position Guyana as a leader in environmental and biodiversity services.

“When we speak about the future, we cannot speak about the future without understanding that environmental services and biodiversity system, ecological services will be an important part of the modern economy in the world 2030 and beyond.”

He assured that amidst all of this, Region Six and Five are well positioned to be the centrepiece for growth and development.

The goal, he continued, is to work together to bring prosperity to every single home, to bring development to every household to advance and uplift the lives of every single citizen.

“It is not only about love, but loving each other. It is linked to the development of our country. It is linked to the aspirations of our people. It is linked to the development trajectory and the transformation that we are going after—bringing a new wave of development and a new wave of prosperity.”

President Ali emphasised that this requires every single stakeholder to shoulder the responsibility of transforming Guyana into a leading economy.

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