No major increase in COVID cases following cricket carnival

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said despite the influx of persons for the first-ever cricket carnival and Guyana’s hosting of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) this year, there has been no major increase in COVID-19 cases.

Speaking during Monday’s COVID-19 update, the minister stated, For this year, 2022, so far, we have recorded 31, 329 cases of COVID-19. In January we recorded our highest amount of cases where we had 19, 900 cases.”

The number of cases has decreased since then with 2,570 in February this year. There were 379 cases in March, and 267 cases in April 2022.

However, Minister Anthony said, “We saw an increase in May to 1,686 cases, then in June we had 2, 715 cases, and then it started dropping again.”

Minister Anthony, however, urged persons to continue to wear their masks and to integrate regular preventative measures into their daily lives.

“There are still people who are infected with COVID, and while we have been tracking 47 cases, this is probably an under-estimation because there are lots of people who might have flu-like symptoms which are now the typical symptoms of COVID and they can easily infect other people. The idea is that if you want to remain safe, you should wear a mask,” he said.

Cricket Carnival 2022 featured a number of events beginning with the welcome vibes at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, and ending with a road parade.

There has been one new case of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours. This would bring the total number of active cases to 47.

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