RHOs get ATVs to boost healthcare delivery

The Health Ministry on Monday handed over some 10 ATVs to the respective Regional Health Officers of Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine to facilitate a boost in healthcare delivery.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said the equipment will help to transfer patients from one location to another within these remote areas. He said that a loan from the World Bank enabled them to procure resources to facilitate an improvement in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Health handed over 10 ATVs to the RHOs

We also recognised in doing some of the assessments across the country that apart from procuring the equipment for the hospitals, it was also essential that we were able to transport patients when they are sick from one point to another, especially in the remote areas,” the minister conveyed.

Region One will receive three ATVs, and these will be stationed at the White Water Health Centre, Baramita Health Post, and Manawarin.

Region Seven will receive three ATVs as well, dispersed to Bartica, Kamarang, and Waramadong.

Also, Region Eight will receive two ATVs at Cheung Mouth and Karisparu while Region Nine is set to receive two ATVs at Sand Creek, and Fairview.

Advisor to the Health Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy noted that the project is also meant to fortify the country’s approach to any pandemic.

He said, “One of the focal areas was improving the transportation network in our country. So, today we have reached the stage of giving out some ATVs to those regions that need the strengthening of the transport system.”

In 2021, the Health Ministry also donated seven ATVs and 33 motorcycles to RHOs in these hinterland regions to improve the quality of services delivered.

Minister Anthony urged the healthcare workers in these regions to make good use of the equipment.

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