Transparency remains a top priority for elections CoI − Secretary

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the March 2020 General and Regional Elections will be guided by the principles of transparency and credibility, Secretary of the Commission, Javed Shadick said.

He told DPI Wednesday that everyone should trust the process.

“This commission of inquiry is, for something, that everyone felt in this country and it is something that the President of this country thinks we should get over or we should have some answers to. He is trying his best to make it as open and fair as possible. Every person who comes here, they should have that in mind and trust the process.”

Shadick explained that interview sessions for witnesses will be held at the commission’s office. He further explained, “that is why we have this openness, the media being invited, the public being invited.”

Areas within the building are designated for the public, counselors, media, and witnesses. The sessions will be live-streamed as well.

Security measures are in place for witnesses who will be providing their statements, Shadick noted, We can assure you that any witness that comes forward to give evidence, they should have no fear. This entire area will be secured. They should also have faith in what is being done is open, transparent, and credible. We’re trying to keep that as our top priority.”

Shadick noted that protection for the witnesses will be arranged based on how critical the evidence is, “that will be on a person-to-person basis. It depends on what critical their evidence may be or what are the risks they are taking to come forward.”

So far, the commission has seven staff including three commissioners, two receptionists, one secretary, and an administrator.

Shadick said the hiring of additional staff will depend on the needs of the commission.  

“So, there is the session where the commissioners will be conducting the inquiry, they will be asking questions. For the report writing, we will need more people to help with that process. The process, as they change, we will need more staff or less staff as the case may be,” he added.

Persons who wish to give evidence on matters relating to the Commission’s Terms of Reference may contact the Secretary at 95 Middle Street, South Cummingsburg, or on Telephone numbers: 592-231-9820 and 592-231-9828.

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