Online applications for legal certificates to begin December 1

Within just one month, persons in Guyana and the diaspora will have easier access to services provided by the Guyana Register Office (GRO), most notably, its improved online application process.

The move aligns with the organisation’s current efforts to modernise its services in a way that makes processes easier for Guyanese.

Registrar General, Raymond Cummings

Registrar General of GRO, Raymond Cummings, said persons will be able to access the GRO’s improved services from December 1, 2022.

He said while persons can now apply with forms at their nearest post office, the online application process will make it much easier for them to register, especially those in the diaspora.

“Now we are adding another option because we understand that we are in a changing world and that with technological advancement, more persons are depending on technology. So, from the first of December, we are opening the option of online applications,” he said.

Although the option of online registration is already available, the option to make payments from the GRO’s existing portals is not. Cummings expressed his hope that this would be remedied by December 1.

“So, what we’re doing is we are in the process of working out with GTT the process to apply using MMG. They will be paying using MMG so you will no longer have to apply through one of our ports and then come to pay, or when you pick up you have to pay. You won’t even have to pick it up. You can apply online using the same sites that we have online… you can go to the Ministry of Home Affairs website and look for the GRO page, and there’s a form there, where you can apply,” he said.

Persons can also register via WhatsApp, by messaging 610-9394, or by sending messages to the GRO through its Instagram and Facebook pages.

MoneyGram payments are currently supported by the GRO as well.

Once the applications are processed, they will be mailed back to the applicant.

COVID-19 Notice: Due to the pandemic some consular services will be conducted by registered mail until further notice. Learn more