South Dakota Circuit ready for international race meet

The South Dakota Circuit, Timehri is now ready to accommodate international motor sporting events, following massive interventions by the government, in collaboration with the Guyana Motor Racing Sports Club (GMRSC).

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, on Tuesday, visited the upgraded race tracks of Guyana’s premier motor racing facility and noted the rapid transformation of the facility.

Hon. Deodat Indar, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works

He said the government’s intervention has improved the facilities standing as a racing track that now has the standard to host international events.

“From where it was to where it is now… this track was built many decades ago, and as a government when we make a promise, we deliver… [on those promises]. When the president was candidate Ali in Stewartville [he] said if you march with us, we will develop this track [and] today we are standing on that development,” Minister Indar said.

The minister noted that the project was successful because the government was able to work with everyone involved.

The partnership resulted in the improvement of the racing track, doubling its size from 0.7 miles to 1.6 miles.

“Our government work with the GMRSC and all its members … and we are going to achieve a lot here now, this is one of the best in the Caribbean… and I was personally involved [in getting this done] on the instructions of his excellency [speaking with all involve day and night] to make sure that this became a reality. Now we have a longer and newer track, we will expect to see bigger races.”

Meanwhile, executive member and household name, race car driver, Mark Vieira who also played a pivotal role in the track upgrades told DPI fans will be impressed.

Mark Vieira, Executive Member, GMRSC

“It is a fantastic time for us now here in Guyana when racing fans come out on the 13th of November; when Guyanese come [out] and see what we have achieved here with the help of His Excellency, President Ali, they will be very impressed and they are going to be very proud. It is one of the fastest tracks in the Caribbean right now, the speed that will be achieved at the track will more than likely exceed 155 miles per hour… sports tourism [also] is going to be a very big part of the economy in Guyana within the next five years, and I think the president had the vision to understand that, ” he said.

The PPP/C Government’s development agenda in sports tourism continues on the heels of the huge success of the first-ever Cricket Carnival, which coincided with the country’s hosting of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) finals for the first time.

It is anticipated that the expanded track for the mega race meet this weekend will attract a multitude of racing fans who will visit Guyana for the season-ending Caribbean race meet.

The two-day event will feature the final round of the Caribbean Radical Series and will see Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey vying for the title against Kristian Boodoosingh of Trinidad.

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