60,000 residents to benefit from $6B in contracts

to upgrade 12 water treatment plants

Over 60,000 residents to benefit from $6B in contracts by Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) on Wednesday to upgrade twelve water treatment plants across the country.

The signing ceremony was held at GWI’s head office, Georgetown.

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) CEO Shaik Baksh

Delivering brief remarks at the ceremony, GWI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sheik Baksh underscored that the company is moving expeditiously and aggressively to provide treated water to Guyanese, especially on the coastal corridor.

He said this aligns with Sustainable Development Goal Six which speaks to ensuring everyone is provided with safe and reliable drinking water.

He referred to the contracts signed last month valued at $8.5 billion for the construction of seven new water treatment plants along the coast.

Contract being signed by the contractor and GWI’s CEO, Shaik Baksh

Baksh highlighted that the goal which is under GWI’s strategic plan is to deliver treated water, “to at least 90 per cent of the population within the next two or three years.”

Baksh noted that the programme is comprehensive and ambitious since all preparations have been made by GWI to fulfil the mandate given to the utility company by the government.

Additionally, Baksh highlighted, “already, we are on our way to provide 99 per cent access on the coastal belt to water and 100 per cent access to water in the hinterland communities. It’s a massive separate programme of drilling of wells, distribution networks and so on.”

Baksh said that the goal is to ensure water reduces the poverty levels in Guyana, which will also target the demand for treated water through the government’s massive housing programme.

Baksh said that the upgrades to the treatment plants will see improved water quality for the communities.

One of the contractors signing the contract

The upgrades to the treatment plants will benefit residents of Mon Repos, Better Hope, Grove/Friendship, Covent Garden, Eccles, New Amsterdam, Port Mourant, Cotton Tree, Vergenogen, Fellowship, and Pouderoyen.

Baksh tasked the contractors to complete the projects promptly and to utilise quality equipment.

He noted that GWI has developed a quality control programme to monitor the projects.

International Import and Supplies, Singh and Son, Toshiba Water Solutions Inc., S. Jagmohan and Company, D & R Construction, Dax Engineering, H. Nauth and Sons, and Compass Engineering are among the companies who were awarded contracts to upgrade the treatment plants.

This forms part of the government’s agenda to improve access to treated water from 52 per cent to 90 per cent by 2025 along the coastal belt.

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