Vendors commend gov’t for Stabroek Market upgrades

following President Ali’s visit

Following President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s impromptu visit to the Stabroek Market Saturday last, saw the swift installation of street lights that were welcomed by the vendors who ply their trade into the night.

Vendors are also set to benefit from sanitary facilities and a police outpost, part of President Ali’s commitment to enhancing security in the main commercial area.

For years, vendors have been complaining about the lack of security in the area, which has led to many robberies being committed on customers and vendors.

On Monday, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to vendors on and off camera, many of whom commended the President for taking his time to listen to their concerns and delivering on his commitments.

Amshine Roach, vendor at the Stabroek Market

One such vendor was Ashmine Roach, who told DPI that the area has been without lights for quite some time; posing a risk for her since she comes to sell in the wee hours of the morning, as early as 1:00 am.

Providing her thoughts on President Ali’s intervention she said, “It’s good because since I came here this morning and I was packing out this produce, I see the light shining and I was like wow, we get new light…it’s good.”

Roach said vendors will be even more grateful if the washrooms are installed soon.

Maxwell Gajraj, vendor at the Stabroek Market

Another vendor, Maxwell Garraj expressed, “We feel real good, we appreciate what the President has done because the place always dark and now we get light, we could be able to properly sell. Thank you, Mr. President, for installing the lights in this market.”

Meanwhile, Chandanie Samru said she is thankful for the new developments that are a result of the President’s visit.

Chandanie Samru, vendor at the Stabroek Market

“I feel great about it, I am grateful for what he is doing…I am very thankful for what he is doing,” Samru said while adding that she looks forward to more developments.

Ryan Ranville noted that he feels much safer with the lights being installed, “I feel good that we get light….when the place we get different people passing through, they rob people in the night and it ain’t got nobody to protect we in the night.”

Ryan Ranville, Vendor at the Stabroek Market

Another vendor, Thakurdai Persaud added, “I think it’s progress for the country and I would like, [that] we should get more light at the back here and we need washroom at the back here…. we thank he [the president] very much for doing this for the country and everybody.”

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