Consultations underway for National Budget 2023 − Finance Minister

Ministerial consultations have already begun in preparation for the 2023 National Budget. Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh revealed during an interview.

“That work has started. As you know, the budget cycle is an ongoing one. We issued the budget circular some months ago, we have already started internal work in government across ministries, ministries have already prepared their preliminary submissions, and we are having inter-ministerial meetings right now, inter-ministerial consultations. So, the work has started, and is ongoing,” the minister related.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh

He explained that the government has been preparing for the 2023 budget since the tabling of the one in 2022, and has recently been intensifying its efforts, as it usually does towards the end of the year.

“People are working very hard. My team, and of course the teams in the various ministries, are working very hard to push that work along. So work is ongoing on the budget,” Minister Singh said.

In January, the government unveiled its $552.9 billion transformative budget, with the theme ‘Steadfast against all challenges, Resolute in building our One Guyana’.

It saw several measures implemented to improve the lives of Guyanese while helping them to build wealth. The budget succeeded the $383.1 billion national budget in 2021 and was the largest fiscal plan to date.

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