Min. Parag shuts down claims of discrimination in the public sector

46% of 2022 GOAL scholars are Afro-Guyanese

The APNU+AFC opposition’s narrative of discriminating and racist policies by the PPP/C Administration is baseless and without merit, and the data and facts will discredit these allegations says Public Service Minister Sonia Parag.

Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag

 The minister recently reminded that in every single sector, resources and programmes are equitably distributed.

“There is no evidence of discrimination, there is no evidence of racism. For example, my ministry has 69.3 per cent, almost 70 per cent Afro-Guyanese. That’s the employees in the ministry and that, if you look across the sector, you will see that being replicated,” Minister Parag relayed.

Added to that, in 2022, 4, 780 Guyana Online Academy for Learning (GOAL) scholarships were awarded to Guyanese. 

Of that amount, almost 50 per cent of the GOAL scholarships were awarded to Afro-Guyanese.

“In the Ministry of Public Service and specifically to GOAL…42.6 per cent of GOAL scholars in 2021 were afro-Guyanese. 46 per cent in 2022 are Afro-Guyanese,” she revealed.

She went on to state that the Leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton and his followers are racist, anti-development and anti-progressive. 

Minister Parag noted that in each community that was visited, residents demonstrated their eagerness for development to occur in their communities. The minister disclosed that “the residents, they want development, they’re looking forward to development from this government. They are welcoming, they are extremely nice people. It is the opposition and authorities like the NDCs, and CDCs,who want to carry and listen to the false narrative that is being peddled by the opposition.”

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