Sophia residents lend full support to clean up exercise

With the government taking its clean up exercise to Sophia, Georgetown, Sunday morning, several residents came out equipped and participated fully in the  initiative. 

The ongoing drive forms part of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s ‘One Guyana’ initiative and seeks to promote healthy and family-oriented communities.

Massive clean up exercise in ‘C’ Field Sophia Sunday morning

Residing in the community for 26 years, Shan Thorne said for decades he has not witnessed a clean-up effort involving even government ministers raking and cutting grass from the road shoulders. 

“For a long time, I never see this kind of momentum. I think since Mr President came on board with the One Guyana initiative, it’s so much activity and positive energy. I have to come out to commend them on it,” the firefighter noted.

Shan Thorne, resident

He told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he is anticipating phase two of the exercise and will sacrifice some of his daily hours to gather more community members to lend a helping hand.

Another resident, Godfrey Phillips believes that the community clean-up was long overdue.

“We need this clean up for a good while and for the ministers who come in to give us this opportunity, it is good,” he emphasised, citing that phase two of the undertaking should be more publicised so that more persons can participate.

Residents of Sophia participating in national clean up exercise Sunday morning

Resident, Esron France said while he commended the interest of this government in Sophia, he believes that the cleaning programme should be an ongoing exercise.

“I think is a good initiative that could be done more often. If it is done more often, I think that there will be more participation from the residents within the community,” France noted.

Rhonda Peters said she feels like a proud Guyanese being able to lend support to the remarkable venture.

“As a resident in the community, I feel it’s a really good initiative that the government host this activity,” the activist for youth and sport said.

“I am taking this opportunity to invite all the members of the community. You can come and participate in the clean up because cleanliness is godliness,’ Peters added.

Residents participating in the national clean up exercise Sunday morning

Meanwhile, Nurse Carol Persaud – Douglas who was also integrally involved in the clean up drive underscored the importance of healthy communities.

Apart from the clearing of drains and the raking up of garbage, Persaud -Douglas said the health sector continues to focus on ensuring residents understand the necessity of a clean community to ensure good health prevails.

Nurse, Carol Persaud – Douglas

“It is our concern that the community is being kept clean to avoid certain things like communicable diseases. We know malaria is on the rise. We want to always ensure that there is no flooding to prevent all those water borne diseases, which will prevent diarrheal diseases and things like that,” the registered nurse concluded.

Meanwhile, Human Service and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud said the exercise amplifies the government’s stance on promoting a clean community, especially with the early morning turnout by community members.

Human Services and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud

 “This is an area I have worked in for a number of years, and so coming through… we would have had a chance prior to the exercise to listen to some of the issues that residents raised which involve garbage being one and also, the drainage. “I think the residents will be very happy with the drainage efforts that would happen too because the rains are on, and while we tackle the drainage, equally so, we tackle the garbage, because both contribute to flooding,” Minister Persaud pointed out.

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