Works progressing in new Cummings Lodge Housing Development

$1.4B being expended

Massive infrastructural works are ongoing in the new Cummings Lodge Housing Development which starts from Sophia, Greater Georgetown and ends in the vicinity of Eccles, East Bank Demerara. 

Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal during a visit to the area Tuesday said some $1.4 billion is being invested in developing the area.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal during his visit to the Cummings Lodge Housing development

He was accompanied by Director of Projects at the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Omar Narine and a team of engineers.

Works being undertaken include land clearing, and the creation of road networks such as the Aubrey Barker Road access.

Minister Croal noted that with the initial phase of works completed, a number of persons who were allocated house lots in the area will begin to access their lands from next week. 

Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal and Director of Projects at the central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Omar Narine at the Cummings Lodge Housing development

“Initially we were concentrating closer to Sophia and there is where we have the construction of the houses.

“The next development that will happen is that there were allocations that were done many years ago and no infrastructure works was done in the last government tenure and so immediately when we came back into office, we sought to make resources available for at the back here,” he explained.

The Cummings Lodge development will also unlock a commercial and medical zone at the southern end of the scheme. An area is also being cleared to commence the construction of a massive water treatment plant.

One of the flat housing units under construction

Notably, the access road at the southern end will interconnect with the East Bank – East Coast Road being constructed through the Ministry of Public Works.

“So, you have seen the distance we have covered and now one can grasp the level of infrastructure works that is taking place

“We sro pushing the contractors now to move quickly…there was an issue of access, there was an issue in terms of having to drive all the way and then dealing with the congestion of the traffic.  So now that we had that breakthrough in terms of coming through Aubrey Barker Road, we are able to now move quicker in this direction.”

Minister Croal also visited the area where the government is constructing a number of elevated and flat housing units.

Works ongoing at the Cummings Lodge Housing development

While a number of persons have begun to occupy their homes, the ministry is working to complete the remaining homes earmarked for that scheme.

Minister Croal explained that there were some issues with some contractors who were lagging with regards to completing some units. Some of those contractors were terminated and mechanisms are in place to ensure the units are completed in a timely manner.

However, he said the construction of the additional 84 flat three-bedroom units recently awarded, are moving ahead smoothly.

The Cummings Lodge Housing Development is part of the government’s national housing programme which involves the creation of sustainable schemes.

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