No complaints from customers at Wakenaam about dirty water and use of trench water

A customer survey by GWI’s field and office staff has found no complaints about dirty water or customers using trench water for domestic purposes at Wakenaam.

Indeed customers understand that there is a high iron content in the water above WHO standards and that GWI will commence shortly the construction of a water treatment plant on the island. Customers have also expressed satisfaction with the level of service being received across the island which is 15 to 20ft high.

GWI CEO, Mr. Shaik Baksh condemned allegations made by Glen Lall about dirty water being supplied to residents and sees this as part of an agenda to mislead and distract the public on important developments taking place in the country including at GWI.

A new well was recently completed in 2022 and His Excellency President, Dr. Irfaan Ali addressed the community by saying “Water quality and treatment is major on our agenda and as such residents will receive the best quality”.

In relation to water quality plans, programmes have been outlined to improve same over the next two years. During a press briefing CEO Mr. Shaik Baksh, announced that, “GWI has improved access to water to 97 percent, owing to investment by the Government of Guyana where over 15000 persons along the coastland and hinterland have benefitted in the year 2022.

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