Additional $263.1M to complete City Hall restoration

The Government of Guyana has allocated some $263.1 million in the 2023 budget towards the completion of the City Hall restoration project.

The $780 million contract for the restoration was signed in September 2021, with Fidis Guyana Incorporated.

However, as work progressed, extensive damage to the structural components of the building was uncovered by contractors.

This made works to the structure ‘intricate’ and ‘tedious’, Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Nigel Dharamlall, revealed in December.

“As they are restoring, they are finding a lot of components of the building that were not visible when we did the bills of quantities. So, some of these have to be changed, but I can assure you that based on the meetings we’ve had so far between the government and the contractor, they have indicated that there will be no cost over on the budget and they are expected to be finished on time,” he said.

Minister Dharamlall also outlined plans for an elevator system to be installed at City Hall, and for the new building to serve as a ‘town hall’, where public activities can be carried out; rather than the building being used solely for office space.

He also noted that it could become a tourist site.

“So, we would like everyone to get an opportunity, on completion of the restoration, to own City Hall as part of the identity of our country.”

The restoration of City Hall is expected to be completed this year.

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