Children with access to the Guyana Learning Channel performing exceptional – Min. Manickchand

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand has expressed confidence in the role the Guyana Learning Channel plays in educating the nation’s children.

Children with access to the channel, the minister related, have been performing exceptional.

Jonathan Prendergast

She was speaking at the Finale of the Whiz Kids competition, where she noted that the GLC played a critical role in education during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all schools were closed.

Minister Manickchand said “What we have learnt after Covid, is while we are sure that the premium way of delivering education is face to face, we learnt also that there is greater value in distance means and that these distance means of education could really supplement and complement the face-to-face learning.”

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand

The minister said she is saddened by the fact that many learners, while they access the various social media, do not access the content of the GLC.

“Those Children who access the learning channel, the video content, the booster videos, look back at the programmes, they will have an advantage over the children who do not…for the people who are looking on I hope you switch gears quickly to make sure your children are accessing the learning and teaching that’s happening on this channel,” the education minister noted.

The Whiz Kids programme saw several rounds of competition taking place. It was won by eleven-year-old Joseph Prendergast of Marian Academy. Second place went to Makai Dowlin, while Aiden Persaud won third place, both attend School of the Nations.

Aiden Persaud

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with two of the finalists.

“I was actually expecting not to make it so far in this competition so everything is good, we are the top out of 36 so I’m proud I’m in the 36 at least,” said Makai Dowlin who secured second place.

Makai Dowlin

“I mostly prepared by using my books but also using quiz me and the Ministry of Education site,” he added. Meanwhile, Aiden Persaud said he is pleased that he made it so far.

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