No disparity in gov’t investments – President Ali reaffirms

The President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali-led government has been painstakingly contemplating models through which every Guyanese family can get involved in some aspect of the burgeoning oil and gas sector.

President Ali, on Thursday, during a live statement, reaffirmed his government’s commitment to ensuring that every citizen be given access to opportunities for development.

He also reiterated the PPP/C government’s commitment to building and maintaining a modern and democratic society.

President Ali said Guyanese will benefit regardless of race, ethnicity, class, religion, or any other distinctions.

The opposition’s continued weaponisation of its racism rhetoric to sow seeds of conflict and distrust, has no place in a modern Guyana, and has seen government accelerating and strengthening its efforts to engage all communities directly.  

“That is why this government led by myself as President, will work with the people directly. I am going to take my message directly to the people, go to the communities and embrace the people, embrace their problems…And find solutions with them, and enhance trust on a community level,” President Ali asserted.

The Head of State added, “We’re going to build communities stronger. We’re going to build communities working with each other. We’re going to cement the gains of democracy by bringing people together,”

The Opposition, the president pointed out adopted the tactic of rehashing falsehoods in order to gain sympathy from the people, to bring relevance to its egregious claims.

“We’re going beyond every single threshold to support every single community in every single region. That is what we do”, the head of state said.

Dr Ali rejected outright the opposition’s line of rhetoric that there is discrimination taking place now. 

“There is absolutely no factual position that they can advance to show that any community is being discriminated against and left behind. We are going to build a society in which the voices of all will be heard, in which the prosperity of every citizen will be the prosperity of our country,”

President Ali reminded that government’s continued investments in all sectors show no indications of disparity. Rather, it speaks to a desire to foster advancement across all sectors.

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