Security measures in place at Kingston Seawall ‘beautified space’

Tourists and locals desirous of relaxing in the beautified space at the Kingston Seawall can now be assured of heightened security with the installation of a police outpost at the venue.

The facilities for that outpost are already in place, and the booth will be operationalised soon. The initiative is a collaboration between the Ministry of Public Works and the Commissioner of Police.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill made the disclosure in a recent live statement.

Persons frequenting the area will also benefit from access to free Wi-Fi, as well as a restaurant area. The seawall bandstand, which Minister Edghill described as a historic site, is also being rehabilitated.

Works being conducted at the Kingston seawalls

“We are pleased to be, in association with the office of the First Lady, in the execution of these beautification projects. For the Kingston seawall area, which I believe in Guyana might be one of the most high-traffic areas in terms of people frequenting constantly…a tremendous amount of work has been done there,” Bishop Edghill said.

He stated that a number of upgrades were previously made in the area, including the installation of lights, the repair of broken facilities such as drains, and the creation of a play park for children, which was fenced for increased security.

Minister Edghill engaging project engineer, Kevin Samad, during a recent inspection of the Kingston seawall enhancement

“The fact that we have those motorcycles and cars that sometimes recklessly traverse, the area of play for children was a major consideration.  So, we have put in place a fence in the area by Rabbit Walk, where the children can actually go in and their parents could relax while the kids play,” he explained.

The minister added that the contractors, under the leadership of project engineer, Kevin Samad have thus far been able to bring development all the way down to the ‘I love Guyana’ sign at High Street, as such, he commended them on their efficient work.

“The last time when I spoke about this issue a few weeks ago, we were wrapping up the work in terms of the surface work, laying of the blocks, the casting of the concrete, and beautifying it. So, I believe that everyone who went out to the Kingston seawall for Easter would have found a highly enhanced, totally transformed environment that would have been beautiful to the eyes and surprising to many,” he said.

Other enhancements to the Kingston seawall area include the consistent rental of portable toilets, as well as a ramp for wheelchair access to the seawalls.

Minister Edghill urged citizens, however, to be cognisant of their waste disposal habits when frequenting the area.

“So, while we beautify…facilities, I think we need to bring citizens along into creating that culture, your boxes …and so on must not be left at the seawalls, or thrown on the ground…We have to be able to keep the area in good shape,” he stated.

With the support of the Office of the First Lady, various booths will be assigned to operators, so that agreed-upon services can be provided.

An oversight committee will also be implemented to ensure the maintenance and smooth running of the facilities.

He said that while the intent is to build massive structures, bridges, highways, and roads, the government must also cater for people, their recreation and happiness.

“They must be able to do so in safe and environmentally friendly areas.  The Office of the First Lady has put out a particular mission that she would like to achieve. Here at the Ministry of Public Works, we are lending support to that, and bringing benefits to the people of Guyana,” Bishop Edghill expressed.

These include projects at New Amsterdam, Skeldon, West Demerara, Essequibo, and Supenaam. Other locations are currently being considered for beautification as well.

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