Guyanese businesses confident of opportunities – GMSA head

President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA), Ramsay Ali is adamant that private sector businesses are poised for success as Guyana’s development continues to advance. 

During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Thursday, Ali said he is confident in the scope of business opportunities available locally.

“The train has left the station [and] you need to be on board. If you are not on board the train you only have yourself to blame,” he stated.

Ramsay Ali, President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association

The government has taken extensive measures to create opportunities for local and international businesses to invest and expand in Guyana.

To this end, the GMSA head believes that the opportunities are evident with the development seen in the last few years, especially in the energy sector.

 “Oil and gas have created the opportunity for all of us, government has more money to spend on infrastructure, education, security, and health,” Ali added.

He noted that one of the GMSA’s members recently had the opportunity to build prefab homes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados, due to the openings presented under the current administration.

Apart from large companies grasping opportunities, smaller companies also have the chance to grow and take advantage of the changing landscape.

“A number of them were not prepared for the speed at which transformation is taking place…but I believe to the best of my knowledge, I see a good future and with the support that we are getting and we are seeing and the commitment of the government to make these projects happen…I think we are in for a good ride, the private sector is in for a good ride,” Ramsay said.

Meanwhile, the GMSA president told DPI that the local content legislation also created a major opportunity for local businesses to prosper and they have been benefitting majorly.

“Since this government came into power, we have seen a significant change in the way things are being done, there is much more collaboration, more information, more creation of opportunities. Look at the recent trip to India for example, the president went up there [and] I think he took almost 20 private sector members with him.”

Ali stressed that these initiatives played a role in developing partnerships and networking with investors.

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