Almost $90M in contracts signed for infrastructure works in St. Cuthbert’s Mission

Residents of St. Cuthbert’s Mission/Pakuri Village, Region Four can expect the commencement of infrastructural works in the community, as 18 community participation contracts were awarded on Friday. 

The contracts, totalling nearly $90 million were signed between the residents of St. Cuthbert’s Mission and the Ministry of Public Works.

The works involve the construction of approximately 900 metres of reinforced concrete internal community roads.

This is a follow-up to a commitment made by His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during a visit to the community in March.

During his visit, the head of state said government will partner with the community and its residents to train them and utilise their skills and labour to construct concrete roads in the community.

Consistent with the two-month deadline attached to this commitment, residents will soon benefit from enhancement works on a number of the roads.

President Ali had said, “Whether you’re on the highway, whether you’re in the hinterland, the riverine community, you’re in an urban centre, we are going to go there, we are going to meet you. Every single community we are trying to visit, every single community we’re trying to get into, because we want to hear from the people themselves.”

This also forms part of the government’s drive to involve communities in the larger development agenda while supporting local economies.

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