New Amsterdam residents ecstatic about new recreational park

In yet another successful venture to boost mental health, promote social interaction, increase outdoor relaxation spaces, and encourage positive communities, residents of New Amsterdam, Berbice, are now enjoying free access to a new recreational park.

The park was commissioned by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and First Lady Arya Ali, in the ancient town last Friday.

The New Amsterdam recreational park

Residents welcomed the facility with enthusiasm, stating that the park provides a place for them to spend quality time outdoors with family, and friends.

Garfield Pollydore

Garfield Pollydore, a 38-year-old teacher at St Therese’s Primary School, thanked the government for providing the new space, expressing that it is ‘necessary’ for the region.

“I must commend the president and the Government of Guyana for this initiative. I think it is needed for Region Six. We never had such a facility like this before, and to think about the people in Region Six and bringing such initiatives, I think it’s wonderfully done, and well applied,” he said.

Sheleeza Davis

Another resident, Sheleeza Davis expressed “We were waiting for this for a long time, because New Amsterdam was like a dead town. Now that the play park is here, at least family can get together, children can come out and play and everybody can enjoy it.”

Shaquena Billingy (left), with her cousin Amayah Crawford

For 10-year-old Shaquena Billingy, “It is a very wonderful and beautiful place where you can come out with your family, enjoy, and I’m so grateful [for] what the president has done for us. He has done a lot of great, wonderful things for us.”

“I think the park could be useful for just coming out with your family, having a picnic outside, or a useful reunion time, or coming with your friends somewhere to study. That’s what I feel that is useful about this park,”eleven-year-old Ashton Washington told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The recreational park will benefit from lights, police presence for safety, washroom facilities that will cater to persons living with disabilities, and free Wi-Fi for persons who wish to attend online classes.

Residents were urged to ensure the park remains a family-oriented space that must be treated with care.

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