Teachers will be trained to incorporate road safety into curriculum

Several teachers across Guyana will benefit from a ‘train the trainers’ programme through the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC), allowing them to incorporate road safety into their teaching sessions.

The initiative is geared towards increasing awareness of the importance of road safety at the nursery, primary and secondary levels.

This was disclosed by GNRSC’s Coordinator, Ramona Doorgen, during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Monday.

Doorgen explained that the undertaking is part of a three-component training programme that targets teachers, police officers and councillors from the various road safety councils in every region.

Coordinator of the Guyana National Road Safety Council, Ramona Doorgen

Modules have already been developed with assistance from teachers and other relevant stakeholders.

“Whether it’s a private school, we would like to see every teacher in the country trained. It’s going to bring awareness to the kids, they will have to actually go and do research [on road safety],” the coordinator pointed out.

Already, 61 teachers of Linden, Region 10 have completed the programme. Similar sessions will be held in Region Six from May 19.  

The modules that will be incorporated into the school curriculum

“We have to train the teachers to integrate road safety into the curriculum, but then we have to train the police officers and the road safety council, how to monitor and evaluate the programme,” Doorgen further explained.

This is among several collaborations aimed at reducing and eventually ending road carnage.

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