Albouystown residents applaud ongoing community road works

Residents of Albouystown are pleased with the ongoing infrastructural works in their community and have since thanked the government for the quality of roads that are being constructed.

Contractors and workers alike told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that they are grateful that the government allowed them to be part of the developmental process.

One of the residents sharing her appreciation to Minister Indar for the road works

These sentiments were expressed when Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, visited the area Thursday afternoon.

John Dowridge is among several residents who are part of the team working on Curtis Street. He expressed his gratefulness for contributing to his community in such a tangible way.  

One of the roads completed

“Everybody is proud of their work that they are doing, everybody is glad! Because this is the first time, they ever doing something like this…the next contract I get to build a road, I understand what to do,” expressed Dowridge.

Another resident and contractor, Lisa Tailor-Allicock is also appreciative of the government’s support, noting that she is content and happy with the quality of work.

One of the roads that need to be done within the time-frame

“I’m glad I was able to build a road in my very own community. Almost all of the labour came directly from Albouystown and we are really greatly for that and for the government allowing us to be a part of it,” she emphasised.

Additionally, Malcolm Ferreira noted that he is pleased that his neighbours are involved in construction that will also benefit them in the long run.

“Having people from the neighbourhood do the work and being part of the work. When you accept ownership of something being done in your community, you become the watchdog for it yourself, so they’re actually looking after their own interest,” Ferreira said.

Meanwhile, Minister Indar noted that persons living close to Albouystown Boulevard will soon benefit from major enhancement, as the project is nearing completion.

“Everybody that lives along the Boulevard, either on the right or left, their property value will automatically go up, because they will have access to a walkway that is properly paved, proper street lights, and much more.”

 Minister Indar urged contractors to complete the work within the required time frame.

“I want you guys to finish these roads at the right time as scheduled because the state that some of them are in, is not supposed to be like this. I also would like for it to be quality asphalted concrete roads upon completion,” the minister stressed.  

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