$507M infrastructure works for Tract CHPA housing scheme, Lethem

The new Tract CHPA (Poke Bridge) Housing Scheme in Lethem, Region Nine, is set to receive an additional injection of $507 million for further development.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, made the announcement during an activity at the Regional Housing Office on Friday, where over 200 individuals who have been allocated lands in the area signed their Agreements of Sale, commencing the processing of their Certificates of Title.

The infrastructure development works, which include the construction of a road network, will be executed by R. Kissoon Contracting Service.

Minister Croal highlighted that an initial investment of $570 million has already been made for the first phase of infrastructure works in the new housing development, over the past two years.

“As it is right now, we have over 306 allottees identified to see their lands and to take up their space,” he informed the residents.

Additionally, as part of the upcoming development, a new well will be drilled in the housing scheme, and electrical networks will be installed to improve the overall infrastructure and utilities in the housing scheme.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Approximately 575 persons have been allocated lands at Tract CHPA. Early last month, a number of allottees also signed up for their Agreements of Sale and titles during a similar exercise.

“This is a space that you can be able to identify and not go through the hassle that you may have with continuing to rent,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Minister Croal highlighted some of the other initiatives being executed by the housing ministry within the region including the Lethem Housing Support Programme.

Through that initiative, some 100 homes will be constructed at Tract CHPA, Tabatinga, and Culvert City. This initiative is the brainchild of President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

The first 48 homes are currently under construction at Tabatinga and Culvert City.

Minister Croal announced that the contract will be signed shortly, for an additional 52 homes, of which 35 will be constructed in Culvert City and the remaining in Tract CHPA.

Each home will be constructed at a cost of $3 million, of which $1 million in support for the building cost will be provided by the ministry.

The housing ministry is also partnering with the New Building Society, Republic Bank Guyana Ltd, and the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, as they will be offering loans to the tune of $2 million, at a rate of 3.5 per cent to the prospective homeowners.

Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock, Mayor of Lethem, John Macedo, and CHPA Director of Operations, Denise King-Tudor were also in attendance.

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