National Data Management Authority Organises Successful Blood Drive in Celebration of 40th Anniversary

The National Data Management Authority (NDMA) proudly commemorated its 40th anniversary by hosting a successful blood drive. The event, held on May 17, 2023, at the NDMA’s Crown Street, Queenstown, Georgetown witnessed an overwhelming response from employees resulting in the donation of twenty-seven (27) units of life-saving blood.

This blood drive aimed to raise awareness about the critical need for blood donations and to encourage individuals to contribute to this noble cause. Recognising the importance of giving back to society, NDMA partnered with the West Demerara Regional Hospital to ensure a smooth and efficient donation process. Medical professionals were present throughout the event, ensuring the safety and well-being of the donors.

“This blood drive, held in celebration of our 40th anniversary reflects our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Mr. Christopher Deen, General Manager of the National Data Management Authority highlighting the organisation’s commitment to social responsibility and community well-being “We are immensely proud of our employees for coming together and demonstrating their generosity. The donated blood will go a long way in saving lives and making a tangible difference in our society.”

Ms. Melissa Thomas, Laboratory Medical Technician, West Demerara Regional Hospital, express profound gratitude to the staff of the NDMA for their donations noting that the donations surpassed expectations. “Each unit has the ability to save three lives but there are also benefits to the donors including reducing hypertension.” Ms. Thomas said.

The donated blood will be utilised to assist patients in need, including accident victims, individuals undergoing medical treatments, and those with chronic conditions. By organising the blood drive, the NDMA reinforces its commitment to fostering a culture of care and compassion, leaving a positive impact on the lives of people within the community.

The blood drive was accompanied by a health and wellness fair for employees. Areas of focus included Physical and Mental Health Awareness, coping with high-stress jobs, finding work-life balance, insurance, and medical benefits. Presentations were made by representatives of the National Insurance Scheme, Insurance Brokers Guyana Limited, and the Mental Health Unit. Throughout the discussions, participants were encouraged to ask questions, share personal experiences, and engage in group activities to foster a sense of community and support.

These two events speak to NDMA’s dedication to cultivating a supportive and inclusive work environment that values the well-being of its employees. By hosting the Health and Wellness Fair and blood drive the organisation emphasises its commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance and creating a workplace culture that promotes both personal and professional growth.

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