Works on new US$260M Demerara River Bridge progressing

Construction has commenced and is moving apace on the highly-anticipated US$260 million Demerara River Bridge, which will replace the current bridge that has outlived its span by some 40 plus years.

With a timeline of two years set by the government, this landmark infrastructure when completed, will alleviate traffic congestion on both sides of the river.

The project is being conducted by China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, and is currently at the pile driving stage.

The announcement was made by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Edghill on the sidelines of an event hosted at the Marriott Hotel on Friday.

“We are going to actually see a ramping up of pile driving in the actual river because the contractor is right now creating an area where you will have to cordon off to be able to start doing actual physical construction,” he updated.

Minister Edghill said the construction team has already completed the driving of piles to establish four concrete batching plants, two on the eastern side and two on the western side.

These plants will play a vital role in providing a consistent supply of concrete, a crucial component in the construction process.

The process will advance further with the arrival of 250 containers of steel, which will be used to construct a temporary bridge along the alignment where the permanent bridge will eventually be located. This temporary structure will serve as a base for the construction of the main bridge, enabling the project to move forward smoothly.

Minister Edghill emphasised that the government is holding the contractor accountable for delivering the project within the stipulated time.

“So work is progressing and we are holding them to the deadline so that engagement is continuing,” the minister stated.

This commitment ensures that progress remains steady, and any potential obstacles are promptly addressed. With such an approach, the new Demerara River Bridge is on track to becoming a significant addition to Guyana’s infrastructural landscape.

The new crossing will have a positive impact on economic activity allowing for improved movement of goods.

It will also create new opportunities for further urbanisation and development, attracting investment and stimulating growth.

The new hybrid designed bridge will feature a modern four-lane structure (two carriageways), cycle lane, with a 2.65 kilometres length, driving surface of about 23.6 metres or 77.8 feet, with a lifespan of some 100 years.

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