Region Six to get three new health centres this year

-Construction of new Skeldon Hospital to commence soon

Residents of Chesney, along the Corentyne Coast; Gangaram, East Canje and Mara, East Bank Berbice will benefit from improved access to healthcare services, with the construction of three new health centres.

This is in keeping with the government’s mandate to ensure equitable access to healthcare services is provided to Guyanese countrywide. 

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony made the disclosure recently, at the commissioning of the outpatient facility at the Port Mourant Hospital.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

We want to extend services so it becomes more accessible and one of the things we will be doing is adding, at least, three new health centres to the already existing health centres that we have in the region. So, we have already awarded the contracts for these three health centres,” the minister announced.

Additionally, Dr Anthony noted that the contract has already been awarded for the construction of the new Skeldon Hospital.

“We are going to replace the Skeldon Hospital…that facility has been there for quite a long time. But over the years, they have been adding bits and pieces to the hospital. Hospitals need to be very functional; they must have a flow going from one area to another and must be seamless. And so, that is something that we have designed in the new hospital…And that construction would start very soon,” the minister added.

The hospital will have a 24-hour accident and emergency service, modern imaging, modern CT scan, 75 inpatient beds, two major operating theatres with one minor theatre, an outpatient facility, a laboratory and other services.

Meanwhile, Dr Anthony noted that a new digital x-ray system will be installed shortly at the Port Mourant Hospital.  

Over the last three years, the government has invested heavily in the region to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare, including dental and ophthalmology services. 

In 2021, more than $100 million was expended to upgrade the health facilities in the region and this year, some $100 million was allocated to the region to enhance health facilities.

As Guyana intends to build a world-class healthcare system, Minister Anthony said investments will be made to build the human resource capacity in the country.

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