President Ali calls for prayers and support for Mahdia fire survivors, grieving families

In the wake of the tragic Mahdia dormitory fire that claimed the lives of 19 children, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali appealed to the Guyanese people to unite and offer their prayers and support to the grieving families and survivors.

President Ali was at the time paying his tribute at the National vigil held at the Umana Yana, Kingston in memory of the victims of the fire.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the gathering at the National Vigil

The atmosphere was filled with deep emotions as family members, relatives, friends, surviving students and Guyanese of all walks of life came together to pay heartfelt tributes to the victims of the tragic incident.

Heartfelt tributes were offered through songs, poems, and individual expressions of remembrance to honour the victims.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali offering words of comfort to a grieving family member

President Ali emphasised the importance of compassion during this difficult time, urging the people to delve deep into their hearts and extend love and kind words as a way of supporting the affected families and their communities.

“As a nation I call upon all of us to reach out with our love and reach out with our prayers and good thoughts,” President said as he asked those in attendance to bow their heads in prayer.

President Ali pledged the government’s unwavering commitment to honour the children, support their families, and assist the affected communities.

Wreaths were laid in tribute to those who lost their lives

Recognising the need for healing, he assured that no efforts will be spared in providing ample resources to facilitate the process and to ensure that all actions moving forward are carried out in remembrance of these children.

Grieving family members could not hold back their tears during the tribute

“To ensure their names and life live on, to ensure that this night, that tragic night never recur in this country.

“These are not just students, these are students who lived together, sleep together, eat together, they were a family. They left their families and they became bonded as a family in that school and in that dorm. The pain is just enormous,” he expressed.

During the event, President Ali and members of his Cabinet offered solace and support to the grieving families and survivors.

In a display of respect and remembrance, wreaths and candles were laid as a tribute to the victims.

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