Gov’t extends offer for overseas medical care for Mahdia fire survivors

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced on Thursday, that the government has extended an offer to those affected by the tragic Mahdia dorm fire to receive specialised medical care overseas.

During a live update, the president reported that two of the survivors remain in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

One of the individuals has sustained severe burns, covering approximately 40 per cent of her body.         

“One with a 40 per cent burn has been offered to be flown to Shriners Hospital in Texas, one of the best burn care hospitals,” President Ali stated.

President Ali said the government is also working in collaboration with Cuba to provide further medical care to the victims.

“We are working simultaneous with Cuba who have offered their support for all of these children to get the necessary medical care that may not be available here in Guyana,” he stated.

At present, nine of the children remain hospitalised at GPHC.

Another 20 children have been discharged from the hospital in Georgetown and are reunited with their parents.  Five of those discharged are expected to return to Mahdia by Friday morning,

Meanwhile, President Ali informed that the unidentified bodies of those who lost their lives in fire, are expected to be positively identified by Friday.

The DNA samples have been sent to the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for thorough analysis.

Barbadian Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Shubhakar Karra Paul arrived in Guyana on Tuesday and assisted in the process.

A comprehensive team consisting of psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers have been assembled to offer counselling services to the students, their families and teachers in Mahdia, Georgetown and the respective villages.

President Ali said medical teams are also visiting communities and are proactively identifying children who are at risk of inflicting harm upon themselves.

The president has issued an order that any family member or parent who would like to be out with their children, that the government will offer support in the form of transportation. 

“We are supporting with food stuff, not only for the families, but for the communities, supporting with transportation, the burial, the funerial, every possible need that has arisen we are in full support off,” he underscored.

Nineteen children died in the devastating fire at the Mahdia Secondary school dormitory fire. Six autopsies have already been completed and one victim laid to rest.

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