Diaspora members stand in solidarity to honour Mahdia fire victims

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud has conveyed his sincere appreciation for the outpouring of support received from countries across the globe in the wake of the unimaginable tragedy that befell Guyana a few days ago.

He was speaking during a commemoration service on Sunday morning hosted by the Restoration Temple of Brooklyn, New York City, to honour the victims of the tragic Mahdia dormitory fire.

“We appreciate the support that we have received from countries across the globe but more so we are struck but also heartened by the deep sentiments of comfort shown by our Guyanese globe community, especially those who live in the diaspora,” the foreign secretary said.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud at the Restoration Temple of Brooklyn commemoration service

Moreover, he acknowledged and addressed the Guyanese diaspora, affirming their unwavering connection to their homeland.

“You all are still Guyanese, your heart belongs to Guyana, and when any Guyanese living in the land of our birth is affected, I am sure you are affected also,” Persaud stated.  

Further, the foreign secretary said the gathering at the Restoration Temple symbolises the solidarity, strength, and compassion of Guyanese, both locally and abroad, as he commended the efforts made by those in attendance to take time out to reflect, console, and provide support to the families affected by the fire.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud and members of the diaspora at the Restoration Temple of Brooklyn commemoration service

In addition, Guyana has been receiving collective pledges of support from countries, private companies, and agencies providing a glimmer of hope for the affected families.

Bodies pledging support to Guyana in the aftermath of the Mahdia fire through the mobilisation of human and other resources include the Caricom Heads of Government, New York’s Mount Sinai, and Northwell Health, among others.

Meanwhile, Consul General, Michael Brotherson also attended the commemoration service, standing in solidarity with the affected families and expressing his condolences.

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