New education opportunities for Mahdia children – President Ali commits at State House meeting

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali held a dinner at State House on Sunday evening, honouring the families of the victims and students affected by the tragic fire at Mahdia Secondary School dormitory, which claimed the lives of 19 children.

During the event, President Ali engaged with the families, lending an empathetic ear to their concerns and soliciting suggestions for ways in which the government could enhance their lives.

Many students who survived the fire expressed their strong desire to resume their studies. A number of them hope to do so within their own communities, where they can be closer to their families.

“I am so pleased to hear some of the children who just came out of the hospital asking me when are they going to go back to school, but also telling me that they want to go back to school in their own areas or be transferred somewhere and all of that we are going to support,” the president said.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali during the State House meeting

He said regardless of the criteria for secondary schools in these remote areas, the government will build facilities in the respective villages to accommodate the students.

President Ali assured that teachers would travel to the students’ communities, ensuring that their education continues without disruption until dedicated facilities can be constructed in those areas.

The families also shared their request for homes to be built in honour of the lasting legacy of the children within their respective communities.

In response, the president said, “We [the government] are going to work and support it.”

In addition, the head of state announced a significant development in the form of counselling specialists from overseas, who will collaborate with local counsellors. Government ministers have also been assigned to provide direct support to each of the families affected.

Further, President Ali highlighted the government’s commitment to the medical needs of the affected students. Those requiring specialised surgeries will be sent to Cuba, where they will receive the necessary treatment.

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