Waiakabra, Kuru Kururu residents get free internet connectivity

Residents of Waiakabra and Kuru Kururu along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway can now use the internet freely and improve their skills, as WiFiGY was launched in the two communities on Monday.

With this new asset, residents are able to access application forms for scholarships and much more, which can be submitted online, thus, reducing travel time.

Additionally, instead of going to an internet café, students can do their research and homework in the comfort of their homes.

WiFiGY will also aid in adults developing themselves, as they too can easily access the internet and learn techniques in cooking, craft, designing, and generally improving their knowledge in various areas.

Waiakabra residents at the WiFiGY launching

During the launch, Vice Chairperson of the LamahaYarrowkabra Council, Michelle Drepaul said the service will bring great ease to parents who usually expend large sums on mobile data to facilitate their children’s research.

“The community centre here in Waiakabra, with this implementation of the WiFi service here, residents, especially parents, this will bring a lot of ease for them, since the children can now come here and get their homework done,” she said.

Kuru Kururu residents attending the launching of WiFiGY

Drepaul thanked the government for aiding in the development of her community, noting, “We have seen many developments that are taking place throughout the country and within our NDC, we are no exception, we have benefitted tremendously from our government.”

Meanwhile, Minister within the Office of Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy encouraged the residents to use the internet to their advantage.

“Today with this WiFiGY facility, you have an opportunity to build on what you already have. You have the opportunity to use the internet and your own skills, to enhance the work of the community,” the minister emphasised.

Minister within the Office of Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs Kwame McCoy with the residents of Waiakabra at the launching of WiFiGY

The public affairs minister said the implementation of the free service is another demonstration of the government’s commitment to ensuring that the needs of its citizens are adequately met.

“We see this as a basic right, a basic good, that every citizen should have access to, that every one of us should push our children and push ourselves, to understand and to grasp the basic skills, and to manoeuvre around information and communication technology,” Minister McCoy expressed.

With the free internet, the minister charged the residents to participate in the online training programmes being offered by the government.

WiFiGY set up at Waiakabra community centre

WiFiGY, is one of the initiatives implemented by the government, under the purview of the Office of the Prime Minister, in collaboration with the National Data Management Authority.

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