World Paediatric Project to help Guyana reduce backlog of paediatric surgeries

The World Paediatric Project (WPP) will be collaborating with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to reduce the backlogs of advanced paediatric surgeries locally.

First Lady, Arya Ali recently met with a visiting team from the WPP led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vafa Akhavan, where they held discussions and agreed to support Guyana’s paediatric needs.

The collaboration will move Guyana on the path of health modernisation.

“The international NGO, which has attended to over 15,400 children and performed almost 10,000 surgical procedures, has agreed to support Guyana’s pediatric needs. I share their vision of ensuring that all that can be done, is done in protecting and safeguarding Guyana’s future leaders,” the First Lady stated on her social media page.

She said children also need surgery including ophthalmic, orthopaedic, and maxillofacial.

 “With these services becoming a reality in Guyana, the days of families asking for funding and overseas help would become a thing of the past,” the first lady  stated.

GPHC’s CEO, Robbie Rambarran has been tasked to formulate a model that will ensure a sustained relationship with the international agency and the first lady has challenged all parties involved in this programme to work assiduously to ensure advanced surgeries can commence before the end of 2023.

 “Credit to Dr Zulifikar Bux for initiating the partnership with WPP and for introducing me and all of Guyana to this wonderful NGO,” she expressed.

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