$20M invested for rehabilitation of Region Seven educational facilities

─ Another $61M earmarked to rehabilitate health facilities

As government remains committed to improving access to education by ensuring that schools are available to accommodate learners, several educational facilities in Region Seven are set to be rehabilitated.

To achieve this, the government has invited bids from eligible persons to conduct maintenance works at D.C Caesar Fox Secondary School in the Upper Mazaruni for $5 million, and at Phillipai Nursery to the tune of $4 million.

Another $3 million will be expended to maintain Imbaimadai Primary, and $2 million was also set aside to execute works at Little Achievers Nursery School.

Meanwhile, some $4 million will be expended to maintain teachers’ living quarters at the Bartica Secondary School Complex and a total of $3 million for the living quarters at 4th Avenue, Bartica.

The completion of these projects would enhance the delivery of high-quality education for the students in the region and improve the living conditions of teachers.

This year, $94.4 billion has been set aside by the government to significantly expand access to education.

Meanwhile, residents from various communities in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni region will also benefit from the rehabilitation of several health posts.

The works include $12 million to extend the health post at Chinoweing in the Upper Mazaruni, $13 million to rehabilitate and extend the Karrau Health Post, $10 million for the Issano Health Post, and $9.8 million to rehabilitate and extend Agatash Health Post.

Maintenance works will be executed at the Kurupung Health Post to the tune of $3 million, $6 million to transform Bartica Hospital, $4 million for the nurses’ hostel at Bartica, and $4 million will be expended for works on the doctor’s living quarters at Phillipai, Upper Mazaruni.  

All bids must be addressed to the Chairman, Regional Procurement and Tender Administration Board, Regional Administration Office, First Avenue, Bartica, no later than June 20, 2023, at 9:00 am.

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