‘It shows we have a caring gov’t’ ─ ‘Because We Care’ cash grant recipient

Scores of parents and guardians of children attending schools at Friendship, Grove, and Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara on Wednesday commended the government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant.

Each child is receiving $40,000 to offset the expenses of items needed for the new school term; $35,000 under the Because We Care initiative and $5,000 for the purchase of school uniforms and supplies. 

Parent receiving ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and uniform, supplies voucher

Janette Cumberbatch, 77, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the grant will provide tremendous support for her 14-year-old grandson Michael Cumberbatch.

Janette Cumberbatch

“The mother and I help to maintain him along with the help of the cash grant. It will help to buy two pants with two shirts, cause the rest will stay to help him go to school because he still got to eat the whole year, so we are thankful,” Cumberbatch stated.

Candace Nelson a mother of two said although she receives support from her partner, it is often expensive to cover her children’s school expenses. She sang praises for the financial support provided by the government.

Candace Nelson

“I am elated because it’s a great initiative to assist parents especially those with school-age children. It is a great initiative and this for me will go towards my children’s education. This cash grant will be able to fill the gap.  So, I am very happy and thankful to the government for it.”

She commended the government for increasing the grant. “It shows that we have a government who cares, one who takes into consideration the growing cost of living.”

Meanwhile, on the verge of tears mother of four, Eulena John expressed that the cash is of great assistance to her.

Eulena John

“The grant will help me in many ways to buy school clothes and whatsoever. It’s a good thing because you know some of us don’t have the money to buy school clothes and things like that so it is good,” she said.

For Urnlina Bradford, “Since I collect last year, it help me out a lot because I getting to buy what my children need.”

Urnlina Bradford

The government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant will benefit over 214,000 children in public and private schools countrywide, placing some $8.6 billion in disposable income in the hands of parents and guardians.

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