‘They want people to remain living in ghetto-like conditions’- Jagdeo blasts opposition for continued misinformation

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has blasted Opposition Chief Whip, Christopher Jones, for his misinformed claim that the ongoing infrastructural development in communities is not intended for the benefit of residents.

Referring to the government’s plan to transform Guyana into a world-class country, Jones contended that this agenda sees the removal of local residents to accommodate private investors.

PPP/C General Secretary, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

Dr Jagdeo dispelled these statements, underscoring that the government is taking development to all corners of the country to ensure that all Guyanese benefit.

“He is saying that we want to remove the ‘ghettos’ by building new infrastructure in these areas so that private people can get the lands, and they mentioned Punt Trench Dam as one of these areas.

 “They are opposed to us making Guyana a world-class country. This [development] can happen in South Georgetown, and the ‘ghetto’ areas too. They want people to remain living in ‘ghetto-like’ conditions to prove a point.”

Further, the general secretary noted that many persons already own lands in these areas and that these new developments serve to increase their property value.

“No state can take away transported land in Guyana. All of these people own the property, so when we put in a road at Punt Trench Dam, the people in those areas will suddenly see their property values go up,” he pointed out.

This, he explained, is why persons are being advised not to sell their properties now, as the value is set to escalate in the future, and this is something that can be capitalised on.

“Persons who live in these areas, their property now has greater value. And it’s transported property, so they will determine whether they want to sell it or not,” Dr. Jagdeo noted.

He said these comments by APNU members further expose their anti-development mindsets.

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