PPP/C records resounding victory at local elections

In the 2023 Local Government Elections (LGE), the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has recorded a resounding victory securing 66 of the 80 Local Authority Areas (LAAs), including in four LAAs where it tied with the main opposition party in the popular vote.

The party has made significant inroads in areas which were strongholds of the PNC-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) including Georgetown and New Amsterdam.

This indicates that, as opposed to 23 LAAs in the last LGEs, APNU has only won majority seats in 14 of the 80 LAAs.

LGE was held on June 12 and the process was described as ‘seamless and well-organised’ by many Guyanese, observers and other officials.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has since released the results of the elections.

There were considerable gains achieved by the PPP/C in many areas, despite the APNU maintaining control of Georgetown, New Amsterdam, and Linden.

Meanwhile, in places like Mabaruma, Anna Regina, Rose Hall, Lethem, and Corriverton, the PPP performed exceptional.

Although the PPP/C did not secure victory in Georgetown, which is a traditional stronghold of the APNU, the party has improved with the number of votes received.

In Georgetown, the PPP/C garnered 11 seats, while APNU got 19 seats, a major achievement compared to previously.

Five of the 15 seats in Georgetown have been won by the PPP/C, up from three in the 2018 LGE, and from 6,813 votes in 2018 to 12,250 votes in 2023.

In the Industry/Plaisance NDC, another APNU stronghold, the PPP/C secured 1,775 votes while the APNU received 1,746, according to GECOM statistics. Accordingly, the PPP/C has garnered five council seats, compared to APNU’s four.

In Mahdia, Region Eight, PPP/C and APNU attained four seats respectively.

The party also succeeded in taking control of the Hague/Blankenburg NDC, which includes the APNU stronghold of Den Amstel.

Additionally, in New Amsterdam, the APNU got four seats, while the PPP won three. As a result, the APNU will hold eight seats in the council, compared to the PPP/C’s total of six.

This is a departure from the 2018 elections, in which that region saw the APNU win 11 seats and the PPP three.

In Corriverton, PPP/C secured 13 seats while APNU received three seats. 

In Linden, the PPP/C attained two seats, while APNU received 14 seats.

The PPP/C garnered 10 seats in Lethem, unchallenged.

Meanwhile, in Anna Regina, PPP/C received 15 seats, while the APNU attained one. 

In Rose Hall, PPP/C received 11 seats, while APNU attained three seats.

PPP/C received 12 seats, while APNU got two seats in Mabaruma.

PPP/C and APNU have tied with nine council seats in Bartica and Mahdia. The PPP/C won the mayorship since it received the majority of popular ballots.

The PPP/C received 1,784 votes in Bartica’s PR component compared to the APNU’s 1,601 votes.

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