‘It means a lot to us’ – Mother of two expresses after receiving new home from First Lady

A family of four from Tuschen, West Bank Demerara, Region Three are now in high spirits after receiving the keys to a brand new semi-furnished home from the First Lady, Her Excellency, Arya Ali on Friday.

Mrs. Ali had committed to rebuilding the home after learning that the family was living in deplorable conditions after the father, the sole breadwinner, was diagnosed with cancer and became bedridden for the past three years. 

As a result, the mother, Dolly Ward, 53, was unable to work because she had to prioritise attending to the needs of her husband and children. They reportedly depended on the father’s pension along with their small poultry business to provide for their needs.

Ward teared up during the simple handing over ceremony and thanked the first lady for fulfilling her promise while adding that the gesture means a lot.

53-year-old Dolly Ward expressing her gratitude at the simple handing over ceremony

“I want to say thanks a lot because it means a lot to us, it means a lot to me, my children, my husband, it means a lot because we were struggling all the time and now, we get a breakthrough because our First Lady … came out and give us this help,” she expressed.

Ward also expressed gratitude to all those who played a part in ensuring the home was built weeks after being committed by the first lady.

Mrs. Ali while delivering brief remarks said she hopes that the new home will help the family tremendously.

The new house that was constructed

 “Not only we would have built a home but we also built a chicken coop that can house 100 chickens at a time and that should help you to generate an income for you and your family.”

She also thanked those who contributed to making the home a reality for the family.

Ward’s two children will also be provided with scholarships through the First Lady’s Office after completing high school.

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