Gov’t to launch ‘aggressive’ programme to foster community integration, national development- President Ali

The PPP/C government will be launching a programme aimed at creating a platform that will facilitate active participation from all development partners and foster integration in communities.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali made this announcement on Friday during the commemoration of the Enmore Martyrs, at the monument site, Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali

“We embrace every single individual in this country and over the next couple of days I will be reaching a wide cross section of Guyanese personally, discussing ideas,” President Ali said.

To achieve this, he said the administration will be establishing the ‘One Guyana Commission,’ which aims to create a system that reflects the rights and priorities of all Guyanese in the formulation of policies.

The commission will be chaired by Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d ) Mark Phillips, the president revealed.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali participating in the wreath laying

President Ali underscored the significance of the recently concluded Local Government Elections (LGE), highlighting that they have presented the administration with a valuable opportunity to promote integration and attentively address the concerns voiced in communities.

As a result of these engagements across the country, four priority areas have emerged, chief among them is security, which requires establishing critical infrastructure to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

A section of those in attendance at the event

“That is lighting, proper lighting in the communities, safe environment for children and families to go out, to have safe zones, an environment in which we develop community life and community-centred development.
So that was one of the first priority in my interaction all across the country, with people,” President Ali outlined.

The second issue, the head -of-state said is the need for proper infrastructure such as roads and drainage within communities.

Recognising this requirement, he said the administration will launch a massive programme that will involve active participation from individuals and community groups.

“We want the communities to be integrated in what we do. So, they will do a lot of the work. I have seen in many of the communities already have small groups set up to advance this,” he said.

Importantly, President Ali said emphasis will be placed on addressing the demand for facilities catering to the needs of young people. These facilities play a vital role in promoting positive thinking among the youth.

Further, the maintenance of community facilities such as health centres and schools, is another critical area of focus.

The president noted that resources, including, weeding machines have been allocated for this purpose. In addition, management committees will be established to oversee and ensure the effective upkeep of these facilities.

“So, all of that is an output of the process that led to the elections. It was not only about an election and people voting, for me, it was much larger than that. It was this grand opportunity to get to the communities and to listen to them to analyse what their concerns are, and to have the opportunity now to fix community problems,” he emphasised.

Even as the nation observes the 75th anniversary since the tragic killing of five sugar workers at Enmore, President Ali said it is important to recognise that the significance of the martyrs’ struggles extends beyond just the sugar industry or workers’ rights.

He added that their sacrifices encompass broader societal welfare and the pursuit of a society that provides a higher standard of living and greater dignity for all individuals. In this context, the president said it is imperative that the nation moves ahead in addressing those four areas of focus.

“This is what my administration has set out to do; to ensure a just, prosperous and inclusive society, one in which development will become more equitable, and will touch the lives of every citizen,” he underscored.

Several ministers of government, members of the diplomatic corps, and friends and relatives of the martyrs were present at the event.

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