Grade Five Assessment serves as diagnostic tool for improved teaching strategies

The National Grade Five Assessment which is currently being administered for the first time to pupils in Guyana will provide valuable insights for teachers, as they gear up to instruct grade six pupils.

The Ministry of Education Wednesday said the test will evaluate material from Grades Three and Four.

Pupils sitting the National Grade Five Assessment

Importantly, the evaluation will assist in identifying the areas that require additional focus and represents a significant step towards improving the quality of education.

Armed with the information, educators can tailor their teaching strategies, curricula, and lesson plans to address the individual requirements of each student effectively.

To guarantee that students remain in school and that education is given effectively countrywide, the government is committed to providing assistance in the form of educational resources to teachers and students.

In 2023, the government aims to procure more than $3.4 billion worth of textbooks for use at the primary and secondary levels, to ensure students are provided with the necessary learning resources.

Pupils at a school during the National Grade Five Assessment

The administration is also working to improve access to world-class education at all levels, and to improve the quality of Guyana’s human capital to compete globally and in the region.

A total of $94.4 billion was allocated to further improve access to quality education for Guyanese students.

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