GECOM conducts monthly checks to ensure clean voters’ list —DCEO

Deputy Chief Elections Officer, Aneal Giddings has assured that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) conducts regular checks of the national voters’ list to ensure that the names of deceased persons are not included on lists to be used at any election.

He made the disclosure during a press conference held at GECOM’S command centre, Fort Street, Kingston on Friday.

Deputy Chief Elections Officer, Aneal Giddings

“GECOM has been, and now as is required by the amendments made to the National Registration Act Chapter 19:08, we are statutorily required to receive a list from the General Registrar’s Office, as it pertains to those persons who would have been registered as deceased,” he explained.

He noted that the national register is received on a monthly basis, and GECOM does its due diligence to ensure deceased persons are flagged accordingly.

“That is the legal way. That is the only way that persons are removed from the national register of registrants,” Giddings said.

He further explained that GECOM has several mechanisms in place to ensure that voter fraud is not perpetrated, including having voters’ registration information and photographs at the polling stations.

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